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10 tips for bringing home your new puppy

As excited as you are to have a new puppy, there will be hair-raising moments that go with it as well. We’ve created a FREE 10-step guide to help you give your new fur baby a head start.


Hey, fabulous pet parents!

This is me, Andy

I am a Canine Raw Food Enthusiast, a Qualified Animal Behaviorist and Trainer.

Sourcing the best products for overall wellbeing of your furries.

Join me for fun filled food bowls, enriching your dog’s life, engaging adult and puppy classes, and confident happy dogs.

Andy Orling trainer

Join me on a “sniffari”

Sniffing out the best quality products and services for you and your pets.

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Your pets overall wellbeing

from puppies to oldies, from head to toe

Sourced 4 Paws helps loving dog moms and dads source quality products for their pets. From treats and food, to training, behaviour, and accessories.

More than anything, we believe in building a healthy relationship between animals and their owners, based on trust, respect and understanding.

Have you Ever heard of “dog yoga”?

Trust us... it’s a thing!

We offer a range of training and trust-building offerings so suit doggies and humans of all ages. Take a look at all the things you can do with your fluffy best friend:

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