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A collision of passions – therein lies MAGIC!

In my case this exploded into healthy edible art – especially for dogs.

Hi, I am Chey from Chey Creates.  I am a 31 year old obsessed dog mom (sharing my home with 6 amazing pooches) , a cake designer, baker for both humans and doggies, eco-conscious, health aware gym owner.

I woke up one day and asked myself “what could be more logical than combining the true loves that I have found along my life’s journey?” My love for my animals, health and nutrition, art and creativity, baking and saving our planet to produce wholesome, nutritious, preservative free designer cakes, and goodies for my furry best friends?

Because I love all aspects of my work, I do what I love, I love what I do and would love to do it for you – and your pooch’s!   And yes, I will bake and create for any other animals too.

You can contact or WhatsApp me on 0832062631 alternatively pop me an email on

Chey's Creates