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No dog is “Untrainable”

Especially when training is fun!

It all started when I got kicked out of puppy school...

My journey started, when I acquired my first little dog, Lolabee. I really wanted to do right by her…
I was the one who had the WORST behaved puppy in class, the one who got kicked out of puppy class for disturbing the others, it was since then, I decided I WILL NOT FAIL LOLA-BEE!

We attended puppy school and after two short sessions we were told that “Puppy class isn’t working out for you, or us, as you are distracting the other puppies”, essentially, we were booted from the programme. Being a novice handler, and someone who is externally dedicated to a project, this was something I would not GIVE UP!

“You’ll never get that dog right”

After attending my first lesson of Canine Musical Freestyle, it was difficult! I still remember comments uttered by the other handlers of the class, “YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT DOG RIGHT” ….

This is where my real passion for dog training started… I needed to delve into the “WHY”s – understanding, being patient, being kind, the importance of understanding the emotional developing canine brain, the importance of building a SOLID relationship with your dog, the importance to keep them active, well fed, calm, enriched, rested. The list goes on.
And this is where I learnt to PLAY with my dog, while teaching extremely valuable life skills and foundations.

The anxious little pup

Then I acquired a little foster litter. MAN was this interesting. As each one of the pups went home, one little soldier, Zina, was constantly missed. The runt, the one who shivered and shook her way through puppyhood, and adolescents’ years, her life was riddled with “dragons”, she never met the criteria to be homed to a family home, she was not suited to any applicants, she ended up staying, but as she developed, so did her fears and phobias.

This is where my curiosity got the better of me, I needed to know and understand why she was so fearful, anxious, why she had panic attacks, when her siblings did not display any of this.
Let’s fast forward…

I now have a solid competitor in Heelwork to Music and Rally Freestyle.
As well as a beautiful girl who loves to be around people, the outdoors and is starting her journey in Rally Freestyle!

These beautiful Souls are what really started My journey

Join me for a fun, encouraging, captivating, stress-free environment with very happy dogs