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Why I’m a fan of digestible chews for dogs of all ages

Chewing is often labelled as problem behaviour, however, this simple, misunderstood, NEED for our canine friends, which NEEDS to be met, is so easily ignored. 

One of the many reasons I get called upon is for destructive chewing, and to be honest, most of the time it is out of sheer boredom. 

Many of our canine friends have been deprived of 100% digestible chews, as they just simply do not know what is appropriate, either they have been strictly advised to not allow them to eat anything other than their food in a bowl, two or three times a day, on a schedule – BORING! 

Let me dig a little deeper, I am such a huge fan of applying the 5 Freedoms, the “freedom to display normal behaviour” in particular, I LOVE to see dogs indulge in natural behaviour, such as hunting (FIND IT) finding the chew, then really having an awesome gnaw on it. You can actually see, by the look in their eyes, the release of the feel-good hormones, dopamine and serotonin, being released into their brains. 

Not only does chewing indulge in this natural behaviour, makes them feel good, strengthens their jaw (pretty much a full-body workout), and cleans teeth.

And another few bonuses, chewing can alleviate pain and frustration during your puppy’s teething phase (and secondary teething phase). It can calm down a nervous or anxious dog, (not every dog is able to go for a walk due to fears and phobias.) On miserable rainy days, or for dogs needing crate rest.

So we really do want to encourage our dogs to chew 100% digestible chews. 

They are just so good for them, nutritionally, physically and mentally, and if their chews have some fur on them, then these are incredible for their digestive system.


Or you might be saying goodbye to some very important items in your home!

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