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Exercise And Sunshine, Why It’s Good To Work With Your Dogs Outdoors!

This is really a no brainer, other than the most incredible weather we have. 

Our dogs spend waaaay too much time indoors.

For many reasons it is extremely important to get your dog’s outside, in the open fresh air. 

  1. For socialisation! Socialisation NEVER stops when it comes to our dogs, and by socialisation I am not meaning playing about with other dogs, I am talking about, getting out there to new places, experiencing the real world.  
  2. Dogs need SUNLIGHT, for their overall wellbeing. 
  3. Sunlight regulates your dog circadian rhythm.
  4. It improves their mood by rising serotonin levels,
  5. It strengthens the immune system, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, increases red and white blood cells, increases circulation, calms the nerves; and it helps rid the nasty pesticides and other harmful chemicals from the body.
  6. Best times to expose our dogs to raw sunlight are early in the mornings, middle of the day and then late afternoon or at sunset. 
  7. Raw sunlight is so important as it hits the skin triggering important metabolic pathways, hitting the retina and skin impacts your dog’s circadian rhythm acting through the hypothalamus as we as through complex hormonal pathways.
  8. Improves brain function.
  9. Absorption of Vitamin D
  10. Melatonin is one of the most important hormones that is increased in the late afternoon and evening. It is influenced by red light and darkness. These increased levels from the late afternoon and evening calm your dog, making happy sleepy pups. 


Make sure your dog is exposed to raw sunlight, particularly in the early morning, midday, late afternoon and at sunset. Be careful of the midday sun, it can become quite hot and we need to limit their exposure. 


Just like the appropriate amount of sunlight, exercising your dogs is a major immune system booster! Exercise increases oxygen, and helps fight off antigens. So play more with them outdoors, train them in the fresh air, take them on brisk sniffari, and take your time! 

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