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Pet Parents and their dog’s RELATIONSHIP BUSTS!

Pet Parents and canine relationship BUSTS!

A few tidbits of RELATIONSHIP BUSTS!, information, to help you become aware that your actions are contributing to your dog’s stress, anxiety and behavioural quirks.

  1. The first mistake the well-intended pet parent makes is the assumption that our doggos understand English. They do not, they communicate using body language and are extremely fast at figuring us out. So, before you start saying “NO”, “ LEAVE IT”, and the best “COME” you have to teach them what each word means. This causes great stress as your dog rushes off to grab the snack that was dropped by the human siblings as you rush over raising your voice, arms flapping all over the place and you saying in a loud threatening voice, “LEAVE IT!” all you have effectively done here, is interrupted the behaviour, or given them a fright. Inevitably the behaviour will happen again, a little quicker to get to the snack, or completely running away when they see you – Total RELATIONSHIP BUST! There is nothing worse than trying to guess the right answer and getting moaned at every time. Instead, help them understand and show them what you would like them to do.
  2. Yanking on the leash when out for a walk and saying “NO” when they lunge at another dog, all this does is increase frustration and stress for everyone – you owe it to your dogs to teach them how to walk on a loose lead, with positive reinforcement methods – none of the TSSTHT, yanking collars, etc … this is not fun and you are being a bully – total RELATIONSHIP BUST!
  3. Restraining your dog to accept something that they do not like, for example: being hugged and kissed by a total stranger, restrained when someone walks through the front door, restraining a dog who is barking to ward off the perceived threat, or something that scared him, making him sit, tightening up that lead, constantly telling them to sit…. Essentially restraining a dog so that they are unable to get away puts you onto the “not to be trusted” list – TOTAL RELATIONSHIP BUST!
  4. Leaning over, pointing, and waving your finger at your dog – is extremely uncomfortable for your dog. The traditional “my dog looks guilty” or “they know they have done wrong” is a myth, they are displaying fear of you… so this is a huge RELATIONSHIP BUST!
  5. For small doggo’s – please let them be dogs. The constant need to pick them up because they are so cuddly and cute ends up in tears when the poor doggo starts to snap and growl to be left alone! The small ones are dogs too you know, they need to be respected. If we disturb them – RELATIONSHIP BUST!
  6. Lastly, let sleeping dogs lie! They do not like to be pestered when trying to rest, so hold on to that urge to stroke and move them – you might be met with a growl – RELATIONSHIP BUST!
  7. Lastly, sending a special soul who suffers from anxiety or behavioural quirks off to inboard training – TOTAL RELATIONSHIP BUST!  

These are just a few of many that I come across on a daily basis. I am here to help you build that bond and strengthen the relationship.

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